Roger Scruton on The New Politics Of Climate Change: No Space For Deniers

When it comes to the big issues of the day it is tempting to try to silence those who disagree with you and who complicate a question that you wanted to see as obvious and simple. And the easiest way to silence someone is to portray him as some kind of lunatic or extremist, a person outside the consensus of ‘reasonable’ opinion, and beyond the pale of rational argument. But the true extremist is the one who argues in that way, and who cannot entertain an opinion without wanting to protect it at all costs from those who disagree with it

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What is marriage? Why not open it to persons with same-sex desire?

Public Lecture
Sunday night, April 27, 6:30 PM
St John Lutheran Church, Roanoke

In this lecture, I will discuss three things: 1. the Bible’s portrait of marriage; 2. marriage in the Western cultural tradition; and 3. today’s new revisionist view of marriage.


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Global warming? Not in these parts

With May a little more than a week away, the Great Lakes are still a third ice-covered at a time of year when they were often entirely ice-free or very nearly so.

This is the largest ice cover so late in the season observed in the satellite era — since the 1970s, basically.
The frozen Great Lakes and persistent cold air in that region, the Northeast and northward into Canada is part of a large-scale pattern that is keeping severe storms well below seasonal norms over much of the U.S.

On Tuesday, the U.S. set a record for the latest the nation has ever gone into a calendar year without a tornado death.

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On being a single Christian woman

Conservatives need to face the fact that a significant contingent of women will remain single. We need to start addressing what it means to live as a single, religious, educated woman in our society.

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The Trinity and world religions

Looking for a birthday gift? A Pentecost gift?

Or simply wondering how Christians should think about world religions?

Here’s the perfect book.

“This rich volume, with its sprightly and searching response essays, is both a state-of-the-art review and a positive advance in one of the most important conversations Christian theologians are having today.” –John G. Stackhouse, Jr., Sangwoo Youtong Chee Professor of Theology and Culture, Regent College

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One-year teaching position in religious studies at Roanoke College

We are looking for a PhD candidate or PhD interested in teaching at Roanoke one year, starting in the fall.

The position is in Religious Studies.

Here is what he or she needs to be able to do:

Teach a 3/3 load. Candidate must be able to teach a survey of world religions and an introduction to Judaism. Candidate must also be able to teach first-year seminars in our General Education curriculum.

We don’t know if the position will be renewed. If it is, there will be a national search, which will concentrate on specialties in world religions. Whoever gets this one-year can of course apply.

Interested candidates can write me at

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Racial preferences can hurt minorities

We almost certainly now have fewer minority doctors, lawyers, and business chiefs than we would have had under race-neutral admissions policies.

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Can religious freedom be revived?

Steven Smith’s new book implies that it is still possible—though difficult—to recover what made the U.S. a land of free and flourishing belief.

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Against scientism

Steven Pinker understands the limits of scientific knowledge no better than the fundamentalist understands the limits of biblical knowledge.

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Millennials and religion: pleasantly surprising

Millennials are less likely to say religion is important in their lives, they are more likely to identity as a “none,” and they attend church and pray less than their elders. However, when comparisons are made between faithful millennials and faithful people of older generations, the data get more interesting.

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